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input device is a peripheral—a piece of computer hardware equipment—providing data and control signals to an information processing system. Input devices include scanners, digital and video cameras, keyboards, a mouse, and pointing and reading devices.
Digital cameras are wonderful tools. They capture a moment and save time by recording footage that doesn't need to be processed. Images are easily transferred from the camera to the computer or another storage device. Imaging software used with digital photos can also introduce a variety of special effects. A downside is that memory space can be easily used up. You may need to purchase memory cards or additional memory space to replace memory used up by your photos.

The most important benefits of Peripheral are:

  • It will improve customer buying experience

  • Peripheral help reduce cost of employee and give better one-to-one service

  • It helps to provide branded Parts to a customer

  • Peripheral device are also use make branded our computers

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